Our company is specialized in the cultivation, harvesting and marketing of the Black Truffle, (Tuber Melanosporum and Tuber Aestivum), in a privileged location: Sarrión (Teruel).

We select our truffle based on sustainability criteria, commitment to preserving nature and with full health guarantees. We offer a certified and high quality product combining tradition and innovation.

Our distinction lies in an impeccable service adapted to our customers, tailor-made according to their specific choices. We provide advice on the use, preservation and cooking of such a succulent delicacy, but also how to market and sell this, “black diamond” of gastronomy.

We rely on a fast and reliable logistics in deliveries, and guarantee the best quality packaging to ensure that that truffle arrives in optimum conditions. . Our qualified staff in this sector offers you the best truffles and truffle products.

We are a dedicated team that puts a great deal of passion and enthusiasm in our work, and this is something that we would be eager to share with you this.

Mercedes, Lola y Mª Jesús.